Mission trips to Japan and Korea

God is good! He has inspired young growing disciples of Jesus with the decision to go out as short term missionaries.

Denise will be headed to Seoul in Korea, while Jonathan and Steven are going to Sendai, Japan. Offer your prayers and support for them by clicking on the links below to donate at their GoFundMe fundraising sites! God may bless them with an awesome experience to be a blessing, and be blessed themselves!



Like Living Stones Being Built into a Spiritual House

2018 ministry key verse:

Prayer topics for 2018

  • Building up God’s people and church upon the Living Stone, Jesus our Lord
  • Transition of period in our ministry may go smoothly by the grace and mercy of God with the establishment of a new leadership team in our ministry. The new director is Philip Wong, and new eldership team, comprising of 2 elders.
  • Evangelism and discipleship ministry for: a) university student ministry b) college and high school student ministry c) adult ministry
  • Studies on the book of 1 Samuel
  • Participation and serving of the 2018 ISBC: a) world mission night and b) HBF