2007 CDN Summer Bible Conference

2007 Canadian Summer Bible Conference

On June 29-July 2nd, 2007, all the Canadian ministries will be holding our national Canadian Summer Bible Conference with the theme “Revive”. Our prayer is for Canada to have a spirit of revival and to personally revive our spirit to serve God’s mission to proclaim Christ on Canadian campuses and around the world. We will have guests from other countries (USA, Mexico, Ukraine, Europe) who are participating. More details to follow…

For the invitation card, click here.

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  1. philwong says:

    Register for it now! Don’t wait, reserve your spot in kingdom of God.

  2. Sh. Jose says:

    it’s great, read your blog, i’m post about de Canadian Conference in http://www.ubfgdl.org/news is from de Guadalajara’s chapther. in México
    Good Bless You!!!

  3. Philip says:

    I thank God for blessing the conference. I especially thank God for blessing us with international delegates who could come to pray or our conference.

    The conference is over now, but spiritual revival is just beginning. May God bless each attendants decision of repentance and decision of faith for a fruitful life of faith and 1:1 ministry.


  4. vani says:

    God truly blessed this conference with his presence through his words that revealed his amazing fatherly love that waits and welcomes and the springs of living water that truly quenches our thirsty hearts. May God bless our revived spirit to now bear the fruits of the gospel and of the Holy Spirit!
    Immanuel 🙂

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