Alberta Joint Thanksgiving Service

The following below is a report by Misn. Matthew Jun from Calgary UBF.

Happy Thanksgiving, M. Luke Hong!

May God fill you with the fullness of thanksgiving and His grace!

On last Sunday, we had a very graceful joint Thanksgiving worship
service with Alberta UBF from Edmonton. M. Noah and Grace, Shepherds
David and Deborah, and Brother Fred came to Calgary. Actually it was
not the best time for Fred, young sheep, to visit us because of his
upcoming exam, but he willingly joined the worship service and spent
whole day here. From us, Sister Jenny attended with a delicious food

I delivered a message from Psalm 118, and serving this passage I came
to remember what I should most be thankful for — God’s amazing
salvation grace, answering our prayer and God’s unfailing love and
grace for us. Shep. David Jang told me that he learned he should be
always thankful, even doing very tough graduate study. Shep. David and
Deborah played very beautiful music pieces as their thanksgiving
offering to God. Brother Fred wanted to play his Saxophone, but the
musical instrument was out of order the day before visit. He promised
to visit Calgary UBF again someday to play his music to God! Sister
Jenny really liked this meeting with our coworkers in other chapter.

After the worship service we had a delicious Thanksgiving luncheon and
visited U of Calgary campus together, and prayed together for the
campus students.

We thank God for blessing us to have a spiritual fellowship with
Edmonton coworkers. It was very encouraging to see each other. I was
thankful for and impressed by the humbleness and mission-centered life
of M. Noah Jang and the wonderful work of God in Edmonton. I was
encouraged as well as humbled to see the beautiful spiritual life of
our coworkers and the powerful work of God among many students in
Edmonton. I pray that I may live a life of faith in God seeking God’s
help and guidence in every matter to be a true believer and glorify
Him. We hope to visit Alberta UBF for Christmas worship service.

I send some pictures from Thanksgiving joint worship service. Thank
you very much for your prayers and love for us. May God bless you and
all coworkers at the fall term!

As for UBF brochures, would you please send us the brochures by mail?
I’d like to pay the shipping fee involved.

May God bless you!

In Christ

M. Matthew Jun

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  1. S. Philip says:

    Praise God for his grace and mercy upon me. My heart goes out to God with many thanks for his many blessings. I also thank God for his blessing upon Alberta to establish UBf ministries in Edmonton and Calgary.

    Dear Msn. Matthew Jun,
    May God bless you with his Word. I pray tha he may bless you to be God’s instrument to glorify Him, to depend on him in prayer and on his Word. God bless your beautiful family to serve God’s precious sheep, especially for Sister Jenny to grow as a Sarah of faith. God be with your family.

    I thank God for also blessing Edmonton UBF with a growing disciple in Brother Fred. What a beautiful act to take part in Calgary’s Thanksgiving Service. God bless his heart to offe his music for the glory of God.

    “Be joyful always, pray continually, GIVE THANKS in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1Th 5:16-18
    May God forgive me for my complaining heart, and learn more of a thankful heart. It’s so easy to find something to complain about. I want to replace tha and grow a grateful heart. Please pray for me to love God and not to forget his many benefits.
    Ps103 – “Praise the Lor do my soul and forget not his many benefits.”

    May God bless your Fall ministries continually, to a doubling ministry! Amen.

    In Christ,

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