Calgary UBF Christmas News!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, M. Luke and Grace Hong!

On December 16, we had a great time of fellowship and worship in Edmonton. On December 15, we first visited Liang’s family whom we had served in Calgary and now living in Edmonton, because they invited us. They were doing well in Edmonton attending a Chinese Alliance Church. We had a great time of fellowship talking a lot since we didn’t see each other for about one year. We were so happy to see them because they accepted Jesus and came to have a baptismal ceremony last Sunday. It was really amazing work of God among this family. Liang said many thanks to M. Ruth for teaching her about Jesus and Christianity while she was living in Calgary. We thanked God for using a humble family and house church ministry like us in leading one precious family to Jesus. I thank God who is powerful enough to change the hearts of people.

After sleeping over there, on Sunday morning we went to Alberta UBF. We had a very graceful group Bible study led by Shep. David, and then had a joint Christmas worship celebration. M. Noah delivered a power message based on Luke 2a and I served as a prayer servant. The birth of Jesus the Savior King is a good news of great joy for all the people in the world. All of them were living in the darkness and under the influence of death and fear and despair. There was no hope at all. But, God really loved us and was mindful of our status and sent his One and Only Son Jesus and sacrificed him and saved us from our sins and death. This is the most important and joyful news for us.

From Edmonton, Fred and Alexandra and Eric attended. At this time, Jenny did not want to go to Edmonton. There was a special music by David, Deborah and Fred. After worship, we had a lunch fellowship, and after sending the sheep home we had a good Christian fellowship together till dark. Whenever we see each other, we are encouraged. We hope to visit each other whenever an opportunity arrives.

2 years have passed since we came to Calgary. We thank God for keeping the lamp of mission burning in Calgary through my family. We thank God for advancing the gospel in the heart of one person, Sister Jenny, throughout this year. We thank God for encouraging us through your prayer support and many practical help. Western Canada was an empty prairie, but now cities are getting filled with the servants of God. We thank for this. We really thank you for your support and prayer. Please God bless all of you and give you spiritual vision and prayer topics for 2008. We hope to see you in Vancouver in May.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

In Christ

M. Matthew, Ruth, Esther, Daniel, Joseph

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