2008 Ryerson Fall Bible Festival Report

Friday, September 26, 2008 – It was a perfect fall day outside for Ryerson UBF’s Fall Bible Festival: a warm day with colourful leaves on trees and clear skies. The title of the festival was “Put out into deep water” with the Bible passage being Luke 5. The academy took place at Ryerson UBF’s bible center. There were in all about 20 people who attended the festival, among them were at least seven students.

The message was delivered by Shepherd Philip Wong from Montreal UBF who was invited to deliver the message based on Luke 5. Through the message, God wanted each attendant to make a decision to come out of the shallow waters of living in the world and to enter into the deeper world of faith and into a deeper relationship with God. We prayed that each person may hear Jesus’ words through message: “Put out to deep water and let down your nets for a catch.”

The message of God encouraged missionaries in Ryerson to come out of their comfortable lives of faith to work harder in serving Ryerson’s one-to-one ministry. Students were also encouraged. This was shown through three students in particular who were chosen to share their one word testimonies (prepared ahead of time). Those who shared testimonies were sister Maya, brother Karim, and brother Carlos.

In her testimony, Sister Maya shared her decision to go into deep water of entering school studies. This is deep water for her because her English is limited, yet she wants to do this for the glory of God. We were very thankful for her testimony, especially since her husband was the one who was supposed to share his testimony, but because he had left town for a business trip, we thank God that Maya could take his place.

Then brother Karim shared his first ever testimony. Based on the passage, God worked to help him realize that he was not in deep water in his life of faith as a Christian. He thought he was in deep water, but as he meditated o this passage God showed him that he was not. God really help him to share his testimony for the academy because he is a fashion designer, and Friday at work he really had a bad day as he was preparing of a fashion show on Saturday (the next day). After such a bad day, he really didn’t feel like coming to share his testimony, and Satan was really tempting him in so many ways. But Karim kept to his decision in his heart that a bad day will not keep him from sharing his testimony. Praise God!

And finally there was brother Carlos. It was also a great work of God for him to share his very first testimony after so much struggle the night before, in which he had only slept very few hours. In his testimony he shared his desire to go into deep water. For him practically, deep water is to learn French. He has a sincere heart to learn the Word of God. So we pray that God may help him to go into deeper world of faith.

I was moved by these students sincere testimonies. So I also made a personal decision to pray and depend on God as I go into the deep water of raising of disciples and finding new students. Because I cannot depend on myself in the deep water of raising disciples. But I must depend on God through prayer and the Spirit to raise a committed disciple and serve a new student this year.

In closing, we had fellowship meal together and praised God for working in his way. God worked in his own marvellous way through Maya, Karim, and Carlos. We thank God for blessing the Ryerson Fall Bible Festival and making it fruitful. Please pray for Ryerson UBF with the prayer topics that God may give them one ancestor of faith and help them to raise 12 disciples.

In the service of the King,
Philip Wong

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