2009 Key Verse and Tentative Schedule

Happy New Year!

This year our ministry’s key verse is Revelation 2:4,5a: “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first.”

Our prayer topics are:

1) Restore our first love to Jesus based on Revelations 2:4,5
2) 50 1:1’s and 50 SWS attendants
3) Double ministry
4) Establish 2 house churches

This year, we are planning out our event schedule. Particularly, we are praying for our Tyrannus Bible Academy each month (with exception to our Canadian Summer Bible Conference in July, and Christmas). May God bless your year to be fruitful, graceful, and with great love to our Lord and Saviour Jesus!

Jan 23

Tyrannus Bible Academy: "Spiritual discernment"


Feb 20

Tyrannus Bible Academy


March 6 (Fri) – 8 (Sun)

Spring Bible Conference (Montreal / UdM / Ottawa)

Manoir D’Youville

March 20

Tyrannus Bible Academy


April 12

Easter Sunday


April 24

Tyrannus Bible Academy


May 22

Tyrannus Bible Academy


June 19

Tyrannus Bible Academy


July 23-26

Canadian Summer Bible Conference

Kingston, Ontario

July 31 – August 1

CBF Summer Bible Conference

Eastern townships?

August 21

Tyrannus Bible Academy


August 13-16

European International Bible Conference


September 25

Tyrannus Bible Academy


October 23

Tyrannus Bible Academy


October 11

Thanksgiving Sunday


November 20

Tyrannus Bible Academy


December 20

Christmas Service


December 25

CBF Christmas service


December 31

New Year’s Eve Celebration

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