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May 2009 Tyrannus Bible Academy

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We will be holding our May Tyrannus Bible Academy this Friday May 22nd, 2009 with the title : “The Problem of Pain” based on C.S. Lewis’ title of the same book. S. Vani Wong will be presenting a book report. We will have a Bible message, testimonies, and worship programs as well. All are welcome to join. Please pass this info around.

P.S. Snacks will be provided as well.

2009 Francophone Spring Conference Report

La Toute Puissance de Dieu

(The Almighty Power of God)

2009 Francophone Conference Report (April 17-19, 2009)

2009 Francophone Spring Conference - April 17-19, 2009

2009 Francophone Spring Conference - April 17-19, 2009

Praise God for giving me the opportunity to go to the 2009 spring francophone conference with the title : “La Toute Puissance de Dieu” – “The Almighty Power of God.” 65 people from 5 countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Germany) participated at the 2009 spring francophone conference at École Assomption at Forges France which is about 1 and a half hours from Paris. It is here that we wanted to study the Almighty Power of God through select passages of the Bible.

Dr. Marc Choi led this conference with in mind of the increasing prevalence of religious pluralism and fatalism that is influencing Europe and the world. With the advent of post-modernism, there is a crisis of the lack of an absolute truth. For example, we meet students that believe that there are many ways to come to God. Whether it would be through philosophy, religions, and other teachings all these things cannot provide us the way to salvation. Why? It is because all of them lead to death. Whereas, when we believe in the almighty power of God through his Son Jesus Christ, we are led to life.

Firstly, we studied about Jesus who died and rose again. God used messengers Bruno Aussant and Eric Nicolle to testify Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus’ death was for our sins. We are all sinners without exception and we are in need to be forgiven. God gave us the way through the cross of Jesus. S. Eric Nicolle then testified to the resurrection of Jesus which is good news because God’s almighty power is displayed and gives proof that God defeated sin and death.

Secondly, how can we practically experience the power of God? The Saturday morning message given by S. Anthony Vinel talked about “just-believing” faith. Jesus said to Jairus, “Do not be afraid, just believe.” We can experience the power of God when we have simple faith in believing in Jesus’ words. He believes by faith that his mother will be saved and wants to give Jesus’ words to students with simple “just-believing” faith.

The main morning message given by S. Thierry Clio examined the question: “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” These words examine man’s fatalistic attitude to life. But Jesus said, “This is for God’s glory.” Fatalistic situations can be turned into an opportunity to glorify God. S. Thierry had a hard time serving God’s mission, but the difficulties he experienced were there to glorify God. He prays to serve brother Stephen to help him to see the power of God through the mud and saliva of God’s word.

S. Livar Leppik gave his message based on Moses’ life of faith based on Hebrews 11. He has two cute twin girls. Before, he was very egocentric. But since establishing his family, he had questions about life. He was a point like Moses who chose to suffer with God’s people rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time. Now he enjoys being in God’s house and to be with God’s people. May God make him into a great leader like Moses!

On Sunday, S. David Jumeau gave his message on John 11. In a world full of death Jesus declares: “I am the resurrection and the life!” This is the best counsel to give to people who are suffering under the shadow of sin and death. Then Jesus rose Lazarus from the tomb and revealed God’s glory.

Misn. Dr. Abraham Koo gave the closing message on the great commission. “Go and make disciples of all nations!”

There were many heart-moving testimonies that displayed the work of God. One missionary shared how he was changed from a selfish man who did not want to buy a sing slice of pizza for his friends. But by the power of God, Jesus made him into a blessing not only for his friends but also for French campus students. Misn. Peter Jang could share how he could hold to the promises of God to serve University of Montreal campus mission. Paris UBF also presented a wonderful drama on the circumstances around the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I was thankful to see the power of God through our second gens. Jeanne Koo, Marc Choi, and Abraham Choi brought their friends so that they could listen to the words of God. Their friends were so moved that many were giving their hearts out in worship and song. I remember our second gens 8 years ago at another francophone conference in Switzerland. They were young, pure, and full of promise. But I learned through their testimonies that people change so easily even after 8 years. Abraham Choi developed a hatred for his brother Marc. His father Dr. Marc Choi counselled him that this kind of mentality leads not only physical death but also spiritual death. (Ro 8:6) Abraham then repented that he has joy and life. Marc Choi was wandering about last year. After he committed a terrible sin, he could not escape from the deep sense of guilt and self-condemnation. So he could not help to come back to God and became a born-again Christian. I thank God for his love upon them and they are developing as good co-workers in their respective ministries.

Afterwards, Misn. Marcus Kum from Germany encouraged us to pray for the upcoming 2009 European Summer Bible Conference in August. May God use this conference preciously that Europe may become a Bible-believing and missionary-sending continent once again. May God help Dr. John Jun, Misn. Peter Chang and all of our hidden co-workers reveal God’s great power and hope through this conference with 1000 attendants.

In Christ,

S. David Jumeau


Lecture de Jean 11: Je suis la résurrection et la vie – David Jumeau