2010 Easter Program (March – April)

March 2010 Easter Program

For the next few weeks, we are preparing our hearts to celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Friday March 26th, Misn. Melissa Christopher will give a presentation on “The Historical Evidence of the Resurrection.”

On April 2nd – 4th, we will have our joint Easter Bible Conference with the Ottawa ministry on the theme of “Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life”. The program is attached below.

pdf icon Montreal-Ottawa Region Easter Conference Program

We will be holding our Easter conference at Manoir d’Youville located at île St. Bernard in Châteauguay, Québec, which is about a 1/2 hour drive from the city. All are welcome!

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  1. davidsna says:

    Oh DJ, thank you. the flower seems to symbolizes Jesus! Am I right? I want to know the author’s intention. ^^ From DNA

  2. davidsna says:

    Woops, “~to symbolize”

  3. Philip says:

    Ya! That’s true. The flower must mean something. I think the flower symbolizes life and its beauty.

  4. DNA says:

    I totally agree. May God bless our Easter Bible conference with many new lives through Jesus, the life!

  5. DNA says:

    Now I know. It is an Easter Lily. ^^

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