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April Tyrannus Academy

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We will be holding our Tyrannus Academy on Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 6pm. The theme of our academy will be based on Daniel’s decision of faith. We originally planned to go through biographies, but we settled to postpone this for our May Tyrannus academy. Thank you for your prayer.

“On that beautiful Sunday morning, Jesus rose up from the grave!”

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Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

2010 Montreal / Ottawa Region Easter Conference Report

John 11:25-26

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; 26and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?’”

2010 Montreal - Ottawa Region Easter Conference Attendants

On April 2nd-4th, 2010, the Montreal / Ottawa region UBF chapters gathered together at Manoir d’Youville (Chateauguay, Quebec – about a ½ hour from the city of Montreal) to celebrate the risen Christ through studying various passages. A total of 58 people attended this conference. (1:Algonquin, 1:Chicago, 34:Montreal, 18:Ottawa, 1:North York, 3:U de M) Overall, we wanted to learn that Jesus is the resurrection and the life through this conference.

On Friday night, S. Philip Wong gave the introductory message based on John 11:17-44. We learned that Jesus told Martha that he is the resurrection and the life. To practically believe this, we need to roll away the stone of unbelief from our hearts and come out of our dead lives and live as resurrection witnesses. We heard several testimonies from Misn. Elizabeth Jeong and how God helped her to be a witness of God’s work at UIC ministry. Several students (Marlyn, Aneesh, Stephen) shared touching testimonies on God’s work in their lives. This was followed by prayer and worship where we could sing songs of worship and pray for world mission, Bible Canada with one another.

Saturday morning, Ian Mui gave the early devotion message on Mark 5:1-20: “What is your name?” Jesus drove out a demon possessed man by helping him to see himself before God. Ian confessed that his old name was “Tantrum”, but God is changing him to be a gentle shepherd for 2 Carleton campus students.

The main lecture was given by S. Joshua Brinkerhoff based on Luke 23:26-49 “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Jesus suffered horribly and died on a tree to take away our curse of sin. The cross is God’s way of forgiving us of our sins whether we commit them deliberately or unknowingly. We praise God that he is always willing to forgive our sins. When we shared in groups, many of us repented with tears because we did not know what we were doing in committing such sins. Jarrod presided and shared his life testimony.

After writing our testimonies, some of us split up and participated in various activities like a nature walk, sports, and having fellowship together to talk about our life of faith. Though it was spring, we had summer-like weather where we could enjoy nature.

The Saturday evening lecture was given by S. David Jumeau on 1Corinthians 15:1-11: “The Gospel of the Resurrection”. Just like the early Corinthians, we too need pure gospel faith in Jesus’ death and resurrection in order to be resurrection witnesses in the world. S. David felt sorry that he took God’s blessings lightly after knowing he has type 2 diabetes. He exercises regularly, and prays to grow as a servant of God’s word. Misn. David Na and Nicolas S. shared their life testimonies. Misn. David Na came from Korea to Canada in obedience to Jesus’ world mission command despite his sins and weaknesses. This coming May he will marry a “beautiful woman of faith” (S. Sylvia Foisy). Nicholas shared how his girlfriend brought him to 1:1 Bible study. He thought, “If she’s happy in Jesus, I’ll be happy in Jesus.” He has been faithful to his Bible studies and drives a long distance to worship God at our Sunday services. The life testimonies were followed by a few short testimonies of our Bible students (Jia, Michelle, Rita, Alexei, Christy, Véronique) who could accept Jesus’ grace of forgiveness based on Luke 23. Several of the Montreal fellowships did some skits based on the gospel with great laughter.

Early Sunday morning, S. Sylvia Foisy told the story of Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Christ. (John 20:10-18) After meeting Jesus, Mary’s sorrow was turned into joy. We can have this joy when we have resurrection hope. Sylvia was sorrowful thinking of her failure in which discouraged her to participate in campus invitation ministry. Through this passage, she realized that she was like the sorrowful Mary, but Sylvia’s sorrow turned into joy, because of the risen Christ.

The Sunday message was delivered by S. Jason Northey based on Mark 16:1-20 “He is Risen!” He lifted our spirits up with resurrection hope. He continually preached, “On that beautiful Sunday morning, Jesus rose up from the grave.” We must believe and repent of our stubborn hearts and believe in the risen Jesus. We pray that he would marry so that his wife can also pray before his message.

Misn. Peter Jang gave the closing message based on Acts 1:8. Jesus gave us the command to go out as witnesses of Jesus’ death and resurrection from Jerusalem, in all of Judea, and Samaria and to the whole world. This means that Jesus wants us to go and share the good news of Jesus from our mission fields and to the whole world. For the past few years, Misn. Peter and Teresa have been engaging in a lonely struggle to serve University of Montreal students. By God’s grace Misn. Peter invited Reynaldo, a PhD student in Engineering to Bible study and the Easter conference. He was encouraged by this grace of God to serve campus students with renewed faith.

We praise God that he blessed us with his living word and through the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection. May God use our humble 1:1 Bible studies and events to encourage campus students to meet Jesus and restore North America as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation!