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2010 Montreal UBF SBC

Jesus meets the Samaritan woman

This summer’s SBC will be held between June 24-27th (Thursday – Sunday), 2010. The theme of this conference is “I Am He” based on John 4.

The conference will be held at Manoir d’Youville located at île St. Bernard in Châteauguay, Québec, which is about a 1/2 hour drive from the city. All are welcome!

“Living by Conviction” (May 2010 Tyrannus Bible Academy)

Today, we had the privilege to hear 4 biographies from our student leaders.

Véronique shared her book report on Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc). God could use her to unify the country of France. She died a martyr by holding on to the truth.

Nick shared on Pastor Richard Wurmbrand who had a passion to share to others about Christ under the communist regime in Romania during the 1950’s. Pastor Wurmbrand founded the ministry of “Voices of the Martyrs” -a publication which informs us of Christian persecution around the world.

Rob shared on David Nasser. David Nasser’s family fled Iran during the Iranian revolution. In order to immigrate to America, his mother suggested to not pray to the Muslim god, but to the God of America – Jesus. Miraculously, God accepted this family’s prayer and immigrated to the United States. After graduation, Nasser could not find life direction, but accepted invitation to his friend’s church and met Jesus as the true God. We pray that muslim people may learn who Jesus truly is as God.

Luke Jr. shared on Gracia Burnham’s experience as a prisoner of Abu Sayyaff, a militant muslim separatist group. For a whole year, she and her husband were kidnapped and were dragged around the Philippines. Her husband exemplified in his faith during this ordeal and was a source of strength to endure such hardship. Her husband was killed by a stray bullet during her liberation.

In Christ, S. David