2010 Montreal SBC Report: “I Am He”

Montreal Summer Bible Conference

“Then Jesus declared, ‘I who speak to you am he.’” (John 4:26)

The conference was held June 24-27, 2010 at the beautiful and peaceful Manoir d’Youville in Chateauguay, Quebec. Thirty people attended the conference: 27 from Montreal, two from UdM, and one from London (Canada). The main prayer topic for the conference was for each attendant to come and meet Jesus in a personal way, and find Jesus who is our everything.

All the messengers spoke God’s word with great spirit and conviction. God’s word was made very personal because a third of each of the messages contained the life testimony of the messenger who deeply accepted God’s word. All the other leaders would also share their life testimonies. God would also bless this conference with life testimonies from growing students, including Nicolas, Robert, Alexei, Somang, and Teresa (from London). The life testimonies from practically all the attendants made this conference unique. Each person could personally struggle to come and meet Jesus in a personal way, and find Jesus who is everything to us – our loving Father (Luke 15 – lecture 1); our living water and true husband (John 4 – lecture 2); our hope (Ezekiel 37 – lecture 3); our Christ, King and Saviour (Mark 8 – lecture 4); and Jesus who call us to be a royal priesthood (1Peter 2 – lecture 5) and calls us to apostleship (Romans 1 – lecture 6).

We especially praise God who worked through the conference for our students. We thank God could bless our conference with Sister Véronique who gave her first ever message, which was based on John 4 with Jesus who says to us, “I am He”. Who would have thought that her first message would be the main message with the theme of the conference! God is so wonderful! God also worked to help brother Alexei’s heart, who made some time in his extremely busy new life with his beautiful wife and 3-week old daughter, to travel nearly four hours to attend the conference for a few hours. In this short time, he served as presider, life testimony sharer, and actor in a special performance skit. God truly blessed his heart with new strength and spirit. God also graced the conference with brother Robert who shared his life testimony for the first time and also sister Miao Miao’s sincere testimony to make this decision seek Jesus through Sunday Worship and Bible study even as she will be moving away. God even worked in Maria to positively participate in Bible study and music. Praise the Lord for his beautiful work.

Praise God for sending Jesus to this world to be our everything. We infinitely thank God who worked in each of the attendants’ hearts to grow closer in their love relationship with the Lord through this conference. May God bless all those who came to experience God’s blessing this summer and bear much fruit, and doubling ministry.

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