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August 2010 Tyrannus Academy: Islam and Christianity

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We will be holding our August Tyrannus Academy on Friday, August 27th, 2010 at 6pm. The theme of our academy will be based on our prayer for Muslim evangelization. Andrew Christopher and Philip Wong will be presenting.

About Tyrannus Academies. Inspired from Acts 19:9-10 when Paul preached the gospel in a lecture hall in Ephesus, the Montreal ministry holds monthly meetings on key topics related to different themes whether on apologetics, biographies, missions, current events in Christian faith. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Luke Hong Jr. Visits Mongolia

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By God’s Grace, Luke Hong Jr. visited Mongolia to help out with the NamSan orchestra to be a blessing to a newly formed house church there. He had wonderful fellowship there with our Mongolia brothers and sisters. You can view a report here at

Namsan ministry orchestra

Namsan ministry orchestra in the countryside of Mongolia

Mongolia House Church

Wedding at Mongolia UBF ministry with Orchestra

Summer Guests and A New Missionary

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Just to thank God for God’s people who came to visit Montreal and who wanted to encourage us to serve Montreal area students:

Mark and Martha Ohashi (Toledo, Ohio) and their children. They are expecting a baby boy soon.

Misn. Joshua and Rebekah Yang (Worchester, MA) came to renew their visa status so that they could attend the Latin American conference at Mexico City.

Joshua Park, Sam, and Eli (Washington, DC) shared their testimonies and wanted to learn the God of Canada.

Teresa Sung (London, ON) came up to Quebec for a student exchange. She attended our Summer Conference. Shortly, she attended the Latin American conference. You can view her report at

Misn. Peter Chulki Jung arrived after missionary training in Korea. He finally joins his wife Misn. Monique who has been serving in the Montreal ministry for a few years.