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God and Science

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September 2010 Tyrannus Academy Report

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Human Genome You may view Francis Collins’ speech here.


Sometimes we are confronted with conflicting issues during our studies at university. According to the scientific and academic community, as well as in the media, it is assumed that science is the basis of discovering truth and generally discounts the existence of God. What can science tell us and what is science incapable of telling us about life? A critique of Dr. Stephen Hawking’s new book “The Grand Design” helps us to understand the difficulties of understanding questions of origin and meaning through only a physical science approach. In fact how does atheistic science “explain away” the evidence a designed universe? Though S. Andrew’s lecture, we learned that despite such arguments, the evidence of God’s work of creation speaks for itself in the universe and in biology.

Andrew Christopher

Andrew Christopher

There is a clash of world views happening. The Bible world view states of the existence of a personal God who created the universe. Human beings are created in the image of God and thus we have an inherent value that is non-negotiable. On the atheistic world view, they perceive that human beings are not so special. Stephen Hawking said, “Philosophy is dead… so it seems that we are no more than biological machines and that free will is just an illusion.” Their world view is based on the material. There is no recognition of the spiritual.

Despite all the knowledge that science has provided, no science can tell us the meaning of our existence. In short, they cannot answer the “Why?” of our existence. Andrew gave an illustration of a woman named Matilda who baked a cake. A group of the world’s top scientists studied all aspects of the cake from its general form all the way down to its molecular structure. However, can they determine why Aunt Matilda made the cake by scientific analysis? No. She can only reveal it according to her will. Likewise, God chose to reveal the “Why” through the revelation of the word of God in the Bible. We could learn about God’s love and design through the Creation, and through the miraculous incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, we examined several postulations from various fields of science. We examined evidences from biology, evidences from cosmology and physics, and the rationality of science. We give thanks to prof. John Lennox for his structure of apologetics of this great theme.

Sylvia Na

Sylvia Na

After S. Andrew’s lecture, S. Sylvia Na gave her message based on Psalms 8. When we perceive the ultimate vastness of the stars and heavens that God created, how could a Great and Glorious God care about me? When David considered the greatness of God, he had to ask: How can a Great God care about puny men? Man tries to picture themselves as an advanced technological society, but the reality of the darkness of the nature of man is ever more clearly revealed. Man without God are, in reality, violent and restless wanderers in this world. Then, what does God see in us? Why would he send Jesus to bring redemption for mankind? Sending Christ is proof of God’s care for us in a personal way. God’s word to us is proof of his care for us to guide us into the path of righteousness. The proof is, though we are infinitesimal compared to the universe, God created us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Humans are created by God to be caretakers of God’s world. When we consider God in our lives, we can give thanks for his wonderful love for us. Science cannot answer: “Why?” “Why did God make these things?” “Why did God make me in this particular time?” Through the study of God’s word, may we meet Him and He will explain to us and will tell us what we have to do in our lives. When we carry out God’s mission, our lives become full of purpose and meaning.

Special Song

Special Song

Our next Tyrannus Academy will be held on October 29th, 2010 at our Bible house. Our theme will be based on Post-modernism.

Our Tyrannus Academies are inspired from the Apostle Paul’s discourse in the hall of Tyrannus in Ephesus during his missionary journey to reveal the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Acts 19) Our lectures are designed to tackle current issues of society so that we may answer the question of the reason of our hope in God. (1Pe 3:15)

September 2010: Tyrannus: God and Science

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In light of Stephen Hawkings recent book which tends on the side of atheism, we want to give our defense on the gospel. We cordially invite students to present God’s view of life, the universe and everything. Snacks will be provided.

God bless you!

2010 Eastern Canadian Leader’s Conference Report: Spiritual Revival at Mizpah

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Spiritual Revival At Mizpah

(2011 Eastern Canadian Leaders’ Conference Report)

“And Samuel said to the whole house of Israel, “If you are returning to the LORD with all your hearts, then rid yourselves of the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths and commit yourselves to the LORD and serve him only, and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.” 1Samuel 7:3

On Sept 5-6, 2010, Eastern Canadian leaders, missionaries, growing disciples and a few guests from Chicago gathered together to study God’s word based on 1Samuel 7. We wanted to prepare our hearts and get God’s direction for the work of fall ministry through his word in 1 Samuel 7. We also met to be able to pray together and be educated about Islam and pray for our outreach to Muslim students.

Dr. John Jun delivered a shocking message of repentance to help our leaders to restore their hearts back to God. The relationship between God and his people was completely broken and the people were in spiritual darkness. There was no vision because the people worshipped idols. The glory had departed. The false gods of Baal and Ashtoreth represent the spiritual problems of our generation. Baal represents the idol of materialism. Ashtoreth represents the idol of hedonism. Samuel did not despair at the darkness of the generation. Samuel taught the word of God to awaken his people. It took a long time for the people to become sensible to their sins. Then Samuel assembled them for spiritual revival. We learned that the fire of spiritual revival begins with repentance from idolatry and intercessory prayer. This is the only way to change the flow of history both personally and nationally. Getting rid of these idols was Israel’s wrote their testimonies as they identified and repented of their idols of materialism and hedonism. This purified our hearts and restored our spiritual desire to serve campus students with the living word of God as we begin the Fall semester.

Afterwards, S. Joshua Brinkerhoff, Dr. Andy Stumpf, S. Philip Wong, and S. Andrew Christopher gave a presentation on evangelism of Muslims based on the seminary course book “Encountering The World Of Islam” (Keith Swarthey [Editor]). Through this presentation, we came to learn about the history, the cultural practice of the Muslim religion, and the current state of Islam in the world. We learned that we should not allow barriers to build up, but to befriend them as dear friends practicing the incarnation of Jesus. We believe that God work through us to show the unconditional love and grace of Jesus while we tell redemptive stories or share Bible studies 1:1.

Other notes of interest include the introduction of Misn. Peter Jung (Montreal), and Misn. Daniel and Ruth Jung (York) as new missionaries. As well, a few of our Canadian directors and Dr. Stumpf prayed for God’s blessing upon S. Matthew Northey to pioneer the Kingston UBF ministry as a Bible teacher for campus students at Queen’s university. We pray that Matthew can overcome loneliness and become a good servant of Christ through the prayers and encouragement of Waterloo ministry and other nearby chapters. Finally, our Canadian directors agreed to have our Summer Bible conference
from June 30th to July 3rd, 2011.

May God be with us to overcome materialism, hedonism, the influences of immorality and dependence on technology in this post-modern generation. May God reveal his mighty work in the hearts of Canadian campus students during the Fall semester with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

One Word: Spiritual revival begins with repentance and intercessory prayer.

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