2013 International SBC – So Loved… So Love! August 1-4 (Thu – Sun)

For the past year, the entire UBF international community has been praying for the upcoming International Summer Bible Conference with the title “So Loved, So Love!” based on the upper room dialog between Jesus and his disciples in the gospel of John. (John 13-16) This conference will take place in Indiana, Pennsylvania on August 1st to 4th (Thu – Sun) We pray that through this conference, not only can we learn about God’s love for us, but how we can love him back. We are also hosting many delegates all over the world. We want to encourage them with our support and prayer. Finally, we pray that North America can be a missionary sending nation once again and that young people may have God’s calling to go as missionaries to pass on the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We have international conferences in North America every 5 years. This is a great opportunity to open our eyes and see how God is working in other nations. It is also a moment where we can reflect upon our lives as Christians, whether young or mature, to listen to God’s voice. You are most welcome to join us and pray for God’s work in many nations!

More information can be found here: solovedconference.org

Quick note: Online conference registration finishes July 28th. Afterwards, registration takes place on site.

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