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Welcome new and returning students!


The new semester is upon us. And as the new school year begins, Montreal UBF also welcomes new and returning students to Bible study and learn of the words of God and the life of Christ. Anyone can come. Whether you are new to the Bible or well-versed in Scripture, whether you are a full-time undergrad student or a part-time PhD student, whether you are Christian or not, anyone with the desire to discover the truth of the Bible is welcome.

We invite students to learn of the Bible through personal studies for those who prefer one-on-one. Groups studies are also available for those who enjoy sharing different ideas about the teachings of the Bible. Our gatherings are opportunities for students to share fellowship in a loving community as well. Several other activities such as academies, retreats, conferences, Christmas and Easter celebrations, and more are also organised throughout the year.

Just contact us and we will be delighted to welcome you!