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Kicking off 2016 with an all new Tyrannus

Our first Tyrannus Bible Academy of 2016 will look at how unsocial is social media. There will be one presentation at the Montreal UBF Church, and the other time at McGill University. See below for info.


January 29, 2016  –  6:30 pm  at  Montreal UBF Church

February 2, 2016  – 8:00 pm  at McGill Cybertheque Pod#3

McGill Unsocial Media Tyrannus Invitation Card


2016 is here!


Psalm 122:1 ““I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord.’”

In this Psalm this person freely invited his friend and it gave him joy. It’s like the joy of seeing a good friend after years of absence. Like the experience of new hope after tragedy or sickness.  It turned David’s heart to the sweetness of worship and the universal and highest joy of believers. God himself. Sharing your joy is the way to build God’s house and encourage each other in the faith. In 2016, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”