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Easter Retreat: The Lamb of God

Montreal UBF Easter Retreat
Capernwray Quebec Bible Centre. Chertsey, QC (near Rawdon)
April 19 to 21, 2019

“Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29)

This Easter retreat will be a time to look upon the grace of Jesus where we need grace, forgiveness where we need forgiveness, victory where we need victory in our lives.

Adults, $111
Youth (ages 9-17), $95

View program here.

2018 Christmas Worship Service – Sunday December 9th 2pm

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2018 Christmas Worship Service

Merry Christmas! Every year we eagerly look forward to this time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be studying about the Magi’s pilgrimage searching for the Messiah. We invite you to participate on our journey to meet the Messiah through our Christmas message, music, musical play, and to have a fellowship meal together. God bless you!

Our service will be held not too far from our church at St. Columba House to permit more people to attend. Details are provided below:

2365 Rue Grand Trunk, Montréal, QC H3K 1M8


A Closer Examination of Socialism (Tyrannus Bible Academy)

Marx, Lenin, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez

In this month’s Tyrannus Bible Academy, the last one for this year, we take a look at the topic of socialism. Could socialism serve society better than our capitalistic system? 

These days Socialism or ‘Democratic Socialism’ seems to be gaining more acceptance in Europe and now even North America. At the same time there are many who believe strongly in our Capitalistic system and react with horror at the idea of Socialism. But is Capitalism failing us and is Socialism the more conscionable approach that can build a society where everyone can be treated with more humanity? In this academy we will explore Socialism and Capitalism and their underlying principles. We will also explore what the Bible has to say about this issue. How can we help make a difference in society so that we can care for the needs of our neighbour?


Date: FRIDAY, NOV. 2, 7PM

Place: Insiders
2067 Crescent St #205, Montreal, (Qc) H3G 2C1

NOTE: Space is limited to 20 persons. Please reserve your spot in the Facebook Event