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A Closer Examination of Socialism (Tyrannus Bible Academy)

Marx, Lenin, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez

In this month’s Tyrannus Bible Academy, the last one for this year, we take a look at the topic of socialism. Could socialism serve society better than our capitalistic system? 

These days Socialism or ‘Democratic Socialism’ seems to be gaining more acceptance in Europe and now even North America. At the same time there are many who believe strongly in our Capitalistic system and react with horror at the idea of Socialism. But is Capitalism failing us and is Socialism the more conscionable approach that can build a society where everyone can be treated with more humanity? In this academy we will explore Socialism and Capitalism and their underlying principles. We will also explore what the Bible has to say about this issue. How can we help make a difference in society so that we can care for the needs of our neighbour?


Date: FRIDAY, NOV. 2, 7PM

Place: Insiders
2067 Crescent St #205, Montreal, (Qc) H3G 2C1

NOTE: Space is limited to 20 persons. Please reserve your spot in the Facebook Event


The Global Exit

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Brexit Activism

Since WWII, the Western Consensus of democracy, immigration, free trade, and globalization has been championed by the United States and its allies. However, a dramatic sea-change has occurred over the past few years with a rising tide of nativism, along with the dramatic events of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. Is is merely a passing fad or is globalization truly under threat? Has the world order changed permanently?

This presentation is part of our Tyrannus Academy series to discuss current events and topics in light of the Christian worldview.

*** Food and coffee will be provided

Friday September 29, 2017.
6:30pm -8:00pm
Montreal UBF Church
2627 rue Ryde
Montreal, QC H3K 1R7