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UdeM UBF Prayer Topics

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We praise God that Misn. Peter Jang’s family has been faithfully serving the word of God thus far. They have several prayer topics:

  • Misn. Peter to serve Genesis Lectures (in French; He just completed Genesis 13)
  • Misn. Teresa to master the French language. (She is taking intensive French lessons.) Also to pass the French language requirement exam to be an accredited nurse in Quebec
  • Serve and pray for Quebecer students at the University of Montreal
  • Find an ideal Bible house near the campus

Updated: 2009 Montreal-Ottawa Regional Spring Bible Conference (March 6-8; Fri-Sat)

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The conference is this weekend!

2009 Montreal - Ottawa Region Spring Conference

2009 Montreal - Ottawa Region Spring Conference

We are currently preparing for the conference at Manoir d’Youville with the theme “Fix our eyes on Jesus” (Hebrews 12:2).

We always receive much grace through these conferences, and the place is very affordable and a good time to get some rest and meditate on God’s word.

Fees: $120 for three days (Friday – Sunday)

This includes meals, snacks, single-bed rooms, access to the chapel for personal prayer, etc… On top of this, the word of God, and prayer to encourage our spirits.

Pray for our messengers:

  • Jason Northey
  • David Jumeau
  • Joshua Brinkerhoff
  • Melissa Christopher
  • Luke Hong Jr.
  • Philip Wong

Our study will go through Hebrews 11-12.

Conference Program

Questions covered in our group studies (in pdf format):

Fall Bible Study Program

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This fall, we will study a 9-step series of Bible studies for new Christians. We pray that God may use this for our Bible study ministry to serve new students.

After our series, we will study the book of Romans.

May God bless your Fall semester abundantly and that the word of Christ may reach out to students!