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Montreal – Ottawa – UdeM UBF Easter Bible Conference

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 Happy Easter!

We thank God for blessing the 2008 Montreal/Ottawa/U de M UBF Easter conference! During the Easter weekend (March 21-23) at the beautiful retreat center in Chateauguay, Quebec, we studied the 1 Corinthians 15 and we renewed the gospel faith and resurrection faith in our hearts. Total 50 attendants participated—38 from Montreal, 10 from Ottawa and 2 from U de M.

God blessed the messengers—Philip Wong, David Jumeau, Joshua Brinkerhoff, Jason Northey, Sylvia Foisy and John Giesbrecht—to accept one word deeply in their hearts through sincere struggle with the words of God. Until they accepted the one word of God they struggled writing their testimonies repeatedly. We thank God for granting them powerful and touching messages. The messengers themselves accepted the words of God and renewed their faith. Praise God. There were also beautiful life testimonies given by Melissa Christopher, Vani Wong, Oum Aboudou, Matthew Northey, Luke Hong Jr., Yan Shen, Mingu Kang, M. Paul Kim and Sarah Kim.

We were like the Corinthian Christians who had lost the gospel faith while living by faith. Through the 1 Corinthian 15 study, we were reminded of the gospel and renewed our desire to experience the power of resurrection by dying to our sinful nature and serving God daily. Most of all, the glorious resurrection hope were imprinted in our hearts. May God help us give ourselves fully to the work of the Lord because our labour in the Lord is not in vain!

May God hear our prayers for 252 Canadian campus pioneering work! May God double the Canadian ministry by the year 2010! May God bless the 2008 Purdue International Summer Conference with more than 3000 attendants! May God grant Dr. John Jun the Holy Spirit to serve the conference!

In Christ, Luke Hong

2008 Montreal – Ottawa – UdeM Easter Bible Conference

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Greetings in Christ Jesus! We are in the midst of preparing our Easter Conference at Manoir d’Youville in Châteauguay, Québec. (English site: click here; Français: ici) Please come and experience the power of the resurrection through Jesus!

pdf document Download Program

Address of the conference site:

Manoir d’Youville,

498, boulevard d’Youville

Île Saint-Bernard, Châteauguay

Québec, Canada, J6J 5T9

Tél: (450) 692-8291
Télec: (450) 692-7370
Courriel: manoirdyouville@qc.aira.com

Official web-site of Manoir d’Youville:


May the Risen Jesus be with you!

2008 International Summer Bible Conference at Purdue

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For God So Loved the World

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

The UBF ministry holds this world class event every Olympic year where students, missionaries, Bible teachers, and international delegates gather together to share what God has done. Please come to this amazing event!

The cost of the conference is extremely affordable compared to other mission conferences. Please register early to take advantage of the early bird pricing before June 1st, to select your room assignment, and to request any particular needs.

Our conference caters to both College (University) and to Youth (Junior High to High School) groups with their specific tracks.

For more information for the College track, click here.

For more information for the Youth track, click here.

To register, click here!